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(the below is pretty sage)
Here’s something great to do with the fox and coyote fur scraps I sell, by the piece or by weight, to the anglers out there:


Coyote and Fox Fur

the traditional dry patterns that use fox fur are:
1. march browns, #12 (i usually mix some light brown seal fur in with the fur belly fur for mine)
2. gray fox dry #14 (i tie these, and some with a light ginger hackle stem for the body) both of these patterns are my killer flies during the hatch on kettle creek.
3. female hendricksons, use the pinkish urine-burned fur from the belly of the fox. another killer dry #14-#12

4. light cahills. down by the tail and some mid fur has a very light yellowish color for these bodies. #16-#14 oil creek
wet flies; light cahills, light hendricksons
i use natural furs as much as possible over synthetics.


Small Fur Hammock

Small Fur Hammock
by Bless

Relaxing is one of life’s luxuries. Unwinding taken to the next level includes a coyote fur hammock, combining the comfort of a plush fur coat with the lulling rocking of a hammock. Reverse backed with black cotton. Perfect for a quick cat nap in a secluded nook. Natural.
Measures 4′ 7″ x 6′ 6″.My comment:

OMG… LOL! I could make this for about $800.
Hammock and ground-sitting, portable frame, organic cotton mesh (what the coyote fur thing and you will sit in): $150-200
8 matched tanned coyote pelts: $80/ea.
Black cotton backing, 2 yards x 55″ width: about $16
Interlining, Dacron poly .75″ thick, doubled, 2 yds (so 4 yds) x 55″: $85 or less.

I guess a fool and it’s money are soon parted.
Not everyone could make it for that price; I am equipped to do the work. It would take me a good full day to do it.
Anyone want to place a custom order?! I’m rarin’ to go and I take PayPal!

I also saw a fox fur lamp on that site. Can we say fire hazard?! Lesson to you who do not know fur: it is very flammable. If your lightbulb gets too hot or your light shorts, that fur on it is going to be great kindling.

Webfurs Outed…

March 10, 2008

Selling Used Furs from the Largest Inventory in the Country – Fur Fashion Community

Selling used furs is Henry Cowit Inc. & Madison Ave. Furs’ area of expertiseMy comment:

Gee, these pictures… they look exactly like… Webfurs. (an eBay username) I knew this place had to be legit, but the prices always smacked of a reseller. Now I see that Webfurs either IS, ir is a reseller of, Cowit’s inventory. So Cowit’s prices are a little steep, but not too out of hand. I almost bought a nice shearling from Webfurs a few years ago, but the customer service was, for a $800 garment, very MEH. For that kind of money I want e-mails at 3 am. LOL.


March 10, 2008

Molting question – BirdBoard.Com

look to see if the shaft of the small feathers is broken. In these cases, the red (or blue) feathers on her chest will look like a V instead of the pretty, rounded ends they SHOULD have.My comment:

This bird reminded me of my girl…

I bought a “perfect feather” Eclectus who is a barberer, and the breeder didn’t tell me that. I got hit with the sight-unseen garbage. Beware of barbering; it de-beautifies your bird quietly, until it’s almost too late! She loses 1-3 feathers per day due to either barbering, or worn out, or naturally molted. One of these days she’s going to look like a Cornish hen. LOL. She had to have all her flights pulled too because the breeder clipped her against my request. In the meantime she’s on aloe detox, nystatin, and flagyl, for the other issues she had that the breeder didn’t mention. I need a perfect feather, healthy Ekkie some day…

Cleaning Feathers

March 10, 2008

Cleaning Macaw Tail Feathers

1. Veniard’s do a product called “Venpol” designed for degreasing skins and the like.My comment:
It sounds like re-labeled Synthrapol which is a product used to degrease wool and cloth prior to dyeing. My guess is that Synthrapol is cheaper, but, to each their own. I have a little bit of Synthrapol available somewhere if someone wants to buy it.

When I clean feathers, I use Dawn dish soap, plus a squirt of Windex, and a lot of cold water with a ton of rinsing! It works great.

A Note About Feathers

March 10, 2008

source for eco/animal friendly feathers? Crafty Vixens –

source for eco/animal friendly feathers???
is there such a thing?i would love to make a new samba costume,however, the thought of using “real” feathers dyed with toxic dye isn’t that appealing any more.
any suggestions?

My suggestion: You’ll want to use natural color feathers. Everyone and their grandmother has chicken, ringneck pheasant, and turkey feathers. How boring! Be creative. Visit your local bird store, if your town is lucky enough to have one. See if they will give you some feathers to use for your costume. Or, buy some macaw feathers like scarlet macaw center tails, or parrot feathers, from me. I only carry naturally-molted, cruelty-free feathers, from ethical breeders! Good luck!

Hello world!

March 10, 2008

Hello world! I’m around… lurking in the shadows somewhere, or being busy somewhere… :)