A Note About Feathers

March 10, 2008

source for eco/animal friendly feathers? Crafty Vixens – tribe.net

source for eco/animal friendly feathers???
is there such a thing?i would love to make a new samba costume,however, the thought of using “real” feathers dyed with toxic dye isn’t that appealing any more.
any suggestions?

My suggestion: You’ll want to use natural color feathers. Everyone and their grandmother has chicken, ringneck pheasant, and turkey feathers. How boring! Be creative. Visit your local bird store, if your town is lucky enough to have one. See if they will give you some feathers to use for your costume. Or, buy some macaw feathers like scarlet macaw center tails, or parrot feathers, from me. I only carry naturally-molted, cruelty-free feathers, from ethical breeders! Good luck!

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