Expensive Luxury Furs… (lol)

March 10, 2008

Small Fur Hammock

Small Fur Hammock
by Bless

Relaxing is one of life’s luxuries. Unwinding taken to the next level includes a coyote fur hammock, combining the comfort of a plush fur coat with the lulling rocking of a hammock. Reverse backed with black cotton. Perfect for a quick cat nap in a secluded nook. Natural.
Measures 4′ 7″ x 6′ 6″.My comment:

OMG… LOL! I could make this for about $800.
Hammock and ground-sitting, portable frame, organic cotton mesh (what the coyote fur thing and you will sit in): $150-200
8 matched tanned coyote pelts: $80/ea.
Black cotton backing, 2 yards x 55″ width: about $16
Interlining, Dacron poly .75″ thick, doubled, 2 yds (so 4 yds) x 55″: $85 or less.

I guess a fool and it’s money are soon parted.
Not everyone could make it for that price; I am equipped to do the work. It would take me a good full day to do it.
Anyone want to place a custom order?! I’m rarin’ to go and I take PayPal!

I also saw a fox fur lamp on that site. Can we say fire hazard?! Lesson to you who do not know fur: it is very flammable. If your lightbulb gets too hot or your light shorts, that fur on it is going to be great kindling.


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