Great Usage for Fox & Coyote Fur Scraps

March 10, 2008

My comment:

(the below is pretty sage)
Here’s something great to do with the fox and coyote fur scraps I sell, by the piece or by weight, to the anglers out there:


Coyote and Fox Fur

the traditional dry patterns that use fox fur are:
1. march browns, #12 (i usually mix some light brown seal fur in with the fur belly fur for mine)
2. gray fox dry #14 (i tie these, and some with a light ginger hackle stem for the body) both of these patterns are my killer flies during the hatch on kettle creek.
3. female hendricksons, use the pinkish urine-burned fur from the belly of the fox. another killer dry #14-#12

4. light cahills. down by the tail and some mid fur has a very light yellowish color for these bodies. #16-#14 oil creek
wet flies; light cahills, light hendricksons
i use natural furs as much as possible over synthetics.


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