March 10, 2008

Molting question – BirdBoard.Com

look to see if the shaft of the small feathers is broken. In these cases, the red (or blue) feathers on her chest will look like a V instead of the pretty, rounded ends they SHOULD have.My comment:

This bird reminded me of my girl…

I bought a “perfect feather” Eclectus who is a barberer, and the breeder didn’t tell me that. I got hit with the sight-unseen garbage. Beware of barbering; it de-beautifies your bird quietly, until it’s almost too late! She loses 1-3 feathers per day due to either barbering, or worn out, or naturally molted. One of these days she’s going to look like a Cornish hen. LOL. She had to have all her flights pulled too because the breeder clipped her against my request. In the meantime she’s on aloe detox, nystatin, and flagyl, for the other issues she had that the breeder didn’t mention. I need a perfect feather, healthy Ekkie some day…


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