Webfurs Outed…

March 10, 2008

Selling Used Furs from the Largest Inventory in the Country – Fur Fashion Community

Selling used furs is Henry Cowit Inc. & Madison Ave. Furs’ area of expertiseMy comment:

Gee, these pictures… they look exactly like… Webfurs. (an eBay username) I knew this place had to be legit, but the prices always smacked of a reseller. Now I see that Webfurs either IS, ir is a reseller of, Cowit’s inventory. So Cowit’s prices are a little steep, but not too out of hand. I almost bought a nice shearling from Webfurs a few years ago, but the customer service was, for a $800 garment, very MEH. For that kind of money I want e-mails at 3 am. LOL.


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