How to Fingerknit / Fingerweave

April 3, 2008

I’m going to migrate all of my tutorials on over from Craftster. Here’s installment #1.

Yay! First Fingerknit (Fingerweave)!

My inner child has *always* wanted to learn how to do this.I used to do the knotted friendship bracelets out the wazoo but could never get the hang of fingerknitting (aka fingerweaving).

So –

Based on this thread:

and this site:

I cranked out a 48″ boa in 30 minutes, from red / burgundy / wine / copper / violet eyelash yarn (100% nylon). I’d say I used about 16 yards, maybe less, and the whole thing can’t weigh more then 10g!

It’s very soft and fluffy, too. It’s only about an inch wide but when you are working with fibers that appear to be 3″ thick, the actual width is moot. This will appear to be over 4″ wide when I’m done with it.

My inner child is having a little party right now. It feels so good to learn a new skill, and make pretty things with that new skill.

Pic as promised…

can barely see it, and that’s deliberate: this project was supposed to
be the base for a boa, not be the boa itself. (although it sure was a
fun little scarf even before furring-up)

The white fluffy, pretty stuff is fox fur (genuine). The pink and purple soft stuff is the eyelash yarn (genuine nylon, LOL).

I made 4 more boas this morning, so the skill was retained overnight. Yay!


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