Making Feather Flowers

April 3, 2008


To make a flower, buy a foot or 2 of strung hackle in your choice of color(s).
Now wind it around something. Bottle caps seem good because you can put stuff inside the cap to embed your center materials in without raising the middle (or making a hump).
Glue gun every 2-3″ to keep it from unwinding.
Once you reach the end of the strung hackle, make a very neat end.
Now select your center materials. Embed them in the center of the feather flower – you can use any hardening material and it can even become part of the design, like if you’re embedding them in dyed casting resin.
Then get a tea kettle to boiling, or get your iron nice and hot and on the “max” steam setting. Steam the feathers for about 20-30 seconds and then quickly wind all of them in your hand, or against the ironing board, in one direction. Hold it there, all wound up, for a good minute or 2.
You can glue a pinback or barrette on the reverse using your center disc too.


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