Soap-Making Fun (my second batch ever)

April 3, 2008

Soap-Making Questions (first batch)

OK, for today’s installment (probably the last for the year, but I’m not sure) …

Got the calc’s from here:

The recipe I put in (after weighing out the rendered fat from yesterday):
Goat Fat 222 g
Mink Oil 222 g
Total Weight 444 g
57g lye for a 7% superfat / 7% excess fat soap
For the size of fat batch that you are using, we recommend that you use approximately 135 milliliters of liquid.

Half the liquid was aloe vera gel and the other half was water.

I put the lye water in to the fats when the fats and the lye water were both pretty hot (didn’t know the temps, but they were not boiling or anywhere near it). Because I don’t have a “stick blender”, the brisk stirring by hand for 15 minutes straight, still resulted in a quick oil-rise-to-the-top once I stopped.

The lye was sprinkled in to the water (snow on the lake! safety first…) outside. Glad I do all my lye-stuff outside, because today the stuff practically boiled. 23g lye in water is much different then 57g lye in water!

So I’ll just keep at it like I did the first batch. My mistake with the first batch was tossing the oil that rose to the top and using “no” superfat. Whoops! So that batch is lye-heavy.

At least the new second batch of soap is not lye heavy Smiley It’s also a prettier, pale goldenrod yellow color.

To answer the question – the rendered fat was somewhere between an oil and a tallow: it was not a hard fat inside the bowl. It was like a gel. Underneath it, was jell-o!
The stuff that separated out, formed itself in to jell-o. I should have saved it to make hide glue but, with the ready availability of jell-o, I tossed it. Some things just aren’t worth the trouble of saving.


My second batch (using rendered fat) came out almost white in color, fairly crumbly in texture, medium hard, and very pretty! I haven’t demolded it yet because it’s still more yellow in the center then on the top. I want it to be uniformly whitened before I pop it out of the mold to crumble it up.

I re-batched my first soap (the stuff made from the raw ground fat.)
I put about 90-95g of pure virgin olive oil in to a container.
This is because I estimate I poured out about 90-95g of oil when I thought the batch had failed.
I added about 35-40ml of water to the soap flakes.
Then I heated up the soap flakes/water and the olive oil at the same time (2 different containers), in the microwave.
Once everything was heated up almost to the “foam over the top” point — I was watching for the dreaded volcano effect (LOL) – I took everything out of the microwave and combined the oil with the soap flakes/water.
It went from oil on top, to emulsified and beginning to react, within a minute or 2. I stirred with a plastic fork. The color went from off-ivory (palest beige?) to a medium warm beige. The faint smell was like cooking olive oil.
I stirred a lot. I broke up the larger lumps with my gloved hands, then I re-reheated it and stirred a lot more.
It came out like a gooey semi-translucent (mostly opaque) gel? but at least it’s not lye-heavy anymore.
It has hardened up considerably and cannot be stirred anymore. It is resting in it’s container now.
It will be fun to use as an organic pesticide for the garden, and a great ingredient for my second favorite oddball thing to do… brain-tanning of hides.

That was a fun mess! Friday I shall do it all over again, but I’ll render the fat and tissues this time! hehe!


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