More pictures!

June 2, 2008

Here is my Flickr page.

It’s organized logicaly because the Flickr editor, while visual, allows logic.
So – the 2 pendants I was allowed to upload are in the Pendants folder or set, the 173+ pairs of earrings are in the Earrings folder or set, and the pins / brooches are in the Brooches set.

It only let me upload 200 pics and I culled down to 197. I have about 700 more pics but don’t want to spend $25 to show them on Flickr when I can show them all for free on Photobucket… LOL. If you want to see *everything* hit up my Photobucket album.

… and all of this is for sale!



June 2, 2008

My Photobucket site is here.

and I totally screwed up the albums thing, so every folder is nested inside the others. It should be a set of separate folders. It won’t let me delete the screwed up set nor create a new set. sigh! Anyway all the images are either in the main folder (above) or in “earrings 1”.

You can thus look at all my fun products without the pressure of buying them, although you really should buy them, as they need new loving homes. :)

OK, let’s try that again…
First of all the RSS feed (links below) is not multi-page, sigh! So I got all the links for you.
Each page contains about 20 products.
The root or base URL of my site is : your one-stop shop for all things natural!

Earrings (copy each in to your browser)

Brooches (copy each in to your browser)

Necklace Pendants or Charms (copy in to your browser)

Supplies to make your own stuff (loose plumage)
(copy in to your browser)

Cat or Ferret Toys (copy in to your browser)

My sale site is up!

June 1, 2008

Here’s my website.

Click on the link and you’ll see lots of really neat-o, cool, and very unique merchandise!